Why do we get dud politicians?

For some reason, Australia gets more than it’s fair share of dud politicians. What concerns me the most is that it is this bunch of dills are left in charge of Australia’s economy and our national security. One only has to look at the dud from Warringah who is at complete odds with the electorate on any number of things and in particular, same sex marriage, or even the bevy of beauties that got chucked out because they hold some connection to foreign citizenship. Continue reading “Why do we get dud politicians?”

The reason to vote Yes

It is somewhat ironical that in this day and age, our government is still run by a religious minority who argue that the only ordained relationship to be permitted is that between a man and a woman.

It begs the question what right do people have in deciding how others should live. Religion in itself is a process of control and while people may not agree with homosexuality, it well outside their responsibility to dictate terms to anyone who may favor that lifestyle . Continue reading “The reason to vote Yes”