As an engineer,  I have worked for  some years in the technical side of construction, then construction management itself in Australia before embarking on several years working as a professional photographer. The past two decades I have been involved in humanitarian work beginning in Kosovo then to Afghanistan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Libya, and Micronesia with some small projects in Thailand and Malaysia.

For a large part of that time, I have been with the UN. Initially with UNDP in Afghanistan where I ended while serving as the Program Manager and Senior Adviser to a government ministry. From there I joined IOM in Pakistan, managing a large shelter project that required us to assist 39,000 families rebuild following the 2010 floods. That was followed by managing a team of eighty engineers in constructing some several hundred infrastructure projects in the tribal areas bordering Afghanistan. My most recent mission was also with IOM in Micronesia where I was engaged to manage a reconstruction program across the island nation.

Currently I am working on the development of an aid platform that involves the use of blockchain technology in transferring funds to contractors and workers in a development situation.

In my free time, I have a small farm where along with my wife, we graze sheep and alpaca and raise some chickens.  I also spend some time writing and taking photographs when I am not digging post holes or cutting firewood or looking at alternate ways to make the delivery of aid more effective.