Is that another grey hair?

I hate getting old but unfortunately, I have not found the cure for it as yet. Not with standing. I shall keep looking for some Dorian Gray substitute or perhaps I shall resort to the modern equivalent of Bex, a cup of tea and a lie down..  At this juncture, I may need to. Continue reading “Is that another grey hair?”

Migrants vital to our Economy.

It was somewhat ironic reading headlines in the last few days about the former Prime Minister and now vocal backbencher, Tony Abbott being critical of migration arguing that it is a source of much of the economic woes the country is apparently experiencing. It was ironic in the sense that Mr Abbott was originally British and a migrant to this country. Wiser voices within the government dispel that opinion however. Continue reading “Migrants vital to our Economy.”

Did you vote?

Yes you? Did you vote in the last election? Did you vote for one of the big three parties that seem to dominate the quagmire that has evolved around Lake Burley Griffin?

It was of interest to see former Senator Vanstone come out and put forward arguments that voting for smaller parties and independents is a wasted vote. Continue reading “Did you vote?”

The End of War in Afghanistan

The American’s have the watches, the Taliban have the time, so went a saying familiar around the halls of government in Afghanistan.

Trying to understand the motivation of the war being fought by the Taliban has seemingly bewildered all who take a position on the matter. But the answer is simple. The Taliban are not pursuing world domination, they simply want to return to control of Afghanistan as a religious state. Continue reading “The End of War in Afghanistan”

Coins and Aid Programs

Over the last two decades, as many will know, I have been engaged in working out the ways to get some hundreds of millions of dollars in funds distributed out to some fairly remote and difficult parts of the world such as flood affected Pakistan above, or conflict rife Kosovo or Afghanistan and more recently across thousands of miles of ocean in Micronesia. I have just been made aware of how this might change enormously for the better in the future.

Continue reading “Coins and Aid Programs”