The Life of an Aid Worker

The following is a list of the chapters of a book I am now in the process of writing. For the purposes of review by contemporaries, I am posting each unedited chapter in the links below.

  1. Introduction
  2. Why are we here?
  • The Life
  1. How do we get involved?
  2. Preparing to leave home
  3. Retaining your real life
  4. Personal finances and lines of credit
  5. The gap in your social life back home
  6. When boredom sets in
  7. Daily Life
  8. Food and Restaurants
  9. Social side of field work
  10. Security in the field
  11. Field Health
  12. Alcohol and substance abuse
  13. Stress and depression
  14. Accidents and Deaths in the field
  • The job
  1. Understanding your place in the system
  2. Dealing with poor leadership
  3. Providing team Leadership
  4. Staff development & Team Building
  5. Dealing with corruption
  6. Overcoming staff conflict
  7. Communications
  8. Information management and networks
  9. Your role and working with local authorities
  10. Flag waving
  11. Meetings and Reports and more Meetings
  12. Disaster Tourism and rock stars
  • The Impact
  1. Building government edifice
  2. Roads to market need markets
  3. Dependence and independence
  4. Relief, recovery and development
  5. Approach to Holistic development
  6. Repair not replace
  7. Rebuilding local infrastructure
  8. Rebuilding the local economy
  9. Migration mitigation
  10. Is there an option to imports?
  • The Industry
  1. The various sectors
  2. The Non Profits
  3. UN agencies
  4. The Donors
  5. Local Authorities and Governments
  6. Clusters and coordination
  7. Program Sustainability
  8. Programs for profit
  9. Fund raising and Competition for funds
  • The Geopolitics
  1. Why are some conflicts treated differently?
  2. Who gets the money?
  3. Celebrity Aid
  4. Dead Aid and the cycle of dependence
  5. Weapons trade
  6. Public Relations and fake news