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Most recent Position


Program Manager/Engineer

International Development

Livelihoods, Shelter, Reconstruction


Program Manager

Micronesia, Typhoon Maysak Response Program







5413 Bendigo Murchison Rd

Rushworth, Vic, 3612




stevehutcheson (Australia)



Key Competencies


  • Managed major rural development programs in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kosovo, Indonesia and  Micronesia over the past 16 years.
  • Created successful multi-sector teams in shelter, infrastructure, livelihoods, gender and protection issues, capacity development, administration and community development.
  • Highly systematic in managing budgets and program time lines able to achieve beyond  a programs stated objectives.
  • Worked as Senior UN Advisor leading team of international advisors to Government Ministers in Afghanistan
  • Excellent interpersonal and conflict resolution skills that engender high quality team spirit among colleagues
  • Managed large teams of more than 100 international and national staff.
  • Hands on capabilities with excellent political and cultural competency at all levels
  • Highly proficient in engineering and grant contract management
  • Familiar with USAid, ECHO, DfID procurement and program implementation requirements
  • Frequently assigned to manage programs in insecure environments

Education and Professional Status

Chartered Engineer (un-financial)

B.E. Mech.  Swinburne University, Melbourne, 1979

Grad. Dip. Accounting  (part complete) Monash University (Gippsland).


Additional Training

1968 – 1972         Military training, Australian Army Reserve, 6RVR Infantry and 2 Coy Commando units.

1999                       UNHCR- Mine Awareness

ADRA – Program Writing

Sept 2002              RedR – 3 day Security Training course, Kabul, Afghanistan

Oct 2002               Mine Awareness – Healthnet, Jalalabad


English:                  Native speaker and writer

French:                  Basic engaged in intensive language course at Alliance Francais in Paris 2001)

Awards and Honours

Pride of Australia – Peace Award (Vic) 2005


Consultancy Panels

  • Member Australian Civilian Corp for AusAid with emphasis on infrastructure and livelihoods
  • Panel of Civilian Experts, Sustainability Unit reporting to British Prime Minister and Cabinet – Livelihoods
  • RedR Australia

Experience Record

1999 – 2016     Humanitarian assistance

Jan 2016 – Aug 2016 – Program Manager – IOM Micronesia

Leading a team of 150 logistic, technical and administrative staff and some 900 local workers in the construction of 434 new houses and 160 infrastructure projects across Yap State and Chuuk State in Micronesia. This program has a budget of $60 million dollars spread over two years. The program also helps develop construction skills and support community incomes to rebuild after natural disaster.

Oct 2013 to Sep 2015 – Technical Team Manager – IOM Pakistan

I led a team of 80 engineers and support staff in providing construction management on more than 300 infrastructure projects in tribal areas of West Pakistan on behalf of USAid OTI. Established an online information management platform that simplified the project reporting and information retrieval processes that interfaced with other line departments as required. Reformed the engineering team to become more effective in onsite monitoring by increasing site visit frequency and establishing a QAQC process that significantly improved the outcome to contract management and project performance.  Program budget $140 million.

Jan 2012 to Feb 2012 – Director – Recovery Development Group Sdn Bhd

I provided the lead in a two-man mission to Libya in order to assess the international response and economic recovery. Engaged in the early development of an aid agency program management web platform to improve quality and cost of administration while pursuing overall fraud prevention through the use of automated processes.

Sep 2010 – Dec 2011 – Community Restoration and One Room Shelter Program Manager, International Organisation for Migration (IOM) Pakistan

I managed 100 international and national staff proficient in engineering, community mobilization, livelihoods and gender issues in the reconstruction of 39,000 permanent shelters for flood victims. This project was in response to the 2010 floods and conducted in 115 districts in Pakistan. The program was completed in the timeline and with budget and comprised almost 50% of the national shelter response by all agencies during the period. Additional activities were to help develop a program to revive rural livelihoods through small village infrastructure projects and female village grants. Program Budget $22 million.

Sep 2008 – Sep 2009 Infrastructure Program Manager, Development Alternatives, Inc, (DAI) Afghanistan

Engaged by contract arrangement with URS to manage multi-faceted USAID funded infrastructure rehabilitation and construction program on more than 240 projects as the major component of the LGCD program on behalf of US government in 16 provinces along the volatile border region between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Supervised a team of 7 international regional construction mangers, IT trainers and sub-contract specialists along with a team of 60 national engineers and rehabilitation program specialists in providing assistance to regional and provincial government departments improve their functional operating capacity.  Engaged with security professionals and supervised field specialists in managing contract functions and delivery. Program budget $120 million.

Jan 2005 – Mar 2005 Project Consultant -Intensive Employment Program UNDP Indonesia (Aceh)

Wrote project documentation and prepared groundwork to engage 30,000 Acehnese affected by the tsunami in livelihood programs that clear debris and rubbish from public infrastructure ahead of future reconstruction programs. Demonstrated the project and outlined future prospects for redevelopment to diplomatic and donor delegations to secure ongoing funding. Provided liaison with Indonesian government officials, international dignitaries and various international recovery teams to coordinate project activities and minimize duplications.

Jul 2004 – Jan 2005 – Program Manager National Area Based Development (a NEX program) Located at the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, Afghanistan as Senior Advisor to the Minister and as Program Manager engaging US$35 million in 360 infrastructure sub-projects across all provincial regions of Afghanistan. Supervising a team of international consultants including Capacity Development Advisors, Reintegration Advisors, Financial Management Advisors, National Vulnerability Program Advisors, Women’s Development Program as well as national advisors concerned with IT, Finance, Program Support, Monitoring and Evaluation, Administration, Transport and Logistics, and Reporting building professional capacity with ministry staff to assume project responsibility in all provinces of Afghanistan. Wrote project documentation and liaised with international donors and diplomatic delegations on behalf of Ministry and UNDP to secure $40 million dollars in ongoing funding. Reporting to Deputy Country Director.

Aug 2003 – Jul 2004- Program Manager – Recovery, Employment Afghanistan Program (REAP)

Managed $14 million ‘Cash for Work’ livelihoods program in the cities of Jalalabad, Kandahar and Mazar with 260 construction sub projects completed creating more than 1.7 million man-days of labour. Provided support to other UNDP programs through associated engineering services to rehabilitate 6 storey Law Ministry building and construct a 4 storey building as Ministry of Women’s Affair training centre. Wrote project documentation and grant proposals to secure ongoing funding for PIU while supervising staff in all regional centres. As Senior Advisor to Minister for Urban Development engaged with the ministry developing a national priority program for future urban development.

Jan 2003 – Aug 2003 Head of Office UNDP Kandahar Afghanistan As UNV managed field office coordinating a labour intensive, Cash for Work program (REAP) supervising 8 design and monitoring engineers and 6 admin staff. Routinely engaged with local administration including Kandahar municipality and Kandahar provincial governor in building program for rehabilitation of urban infrastructure using unskilled and skilled labour. Funds under management $3,000,000 with up to 5000 semi skill workers employed at a time on 96 sub projects including construction of schools, clinics, roads, bridges and culverts, training programs and construction of drainage and irrigation canals. Representing UNDP at a regional level and participating in Security Management Team.

Aug 2002 – Jan 2003      Relief International, Afghanistan Head of Office – Jalalabad, Afghanistan.  Managed a USAID funded livelihoods and infrastructure rehabilitation program overseeing a staff of 6 internationals and 53 national with a budget of US$2,028,000 undertaking the design, contracting and supervision 80 sub projects. Included were construction of 18 primary schools, 10 primary health clinics, 30 road projects with more than 250 km road under repair, 22 irrigation projects throughout 10 districts of Nangahar province and the construction of a Women’s Development Centre for Afghanistan Ministry of Women’s Affairs. Achieved program goal to provide employment to 10,000 national skilled and unskilled labourers as part of a strategy to provide alternate labour sources to opium poppy production. Liaised with regional heads of government departments and Provincial Governor defining project strategy and coordinated activities with regional offices of UN and international and local NGOs. Reporting to Afghanistan Country Director and International Executive Director. Supported Country Director and substituted in his absence. Overall responsibility for project reporting, financial management, security, operational management and local logistical functions.

Oct 1999 – April 2001 ADRA Kosovo Shelter Manager

Managed all the ADRA Shelter programs including the construction of 400 houses (98% completed in project period and 91% occupied) Prepared documentation for project proposals and project management systems. Succeeded in provided permanent shelter for more than 35,000 beneficiaries. Program budgets under management in excess of US$12,200,000. Managed shelter staff between 75 to 80 international and local staff. Performed role of Country Director of ADRA Kosovo in the absence of incumbent with multi disciplined programs in Community Services, Education, Agriculture and Water and Sanitation. Liaised  with senior management in Washington and international donors in Kosovo. Total staff levels under supervision in excess of 400 international and local staff.



1976- 1979 Full time Student

Completing Bachelor of Engineering at Swinburne University.

 1979 – 1981 Scientific Officer National Association of Testing Authorities. Australia

Engaged in quality assessment of government and commercial laboratories conducting tests on Construction Materials in accordance with known test standards. Sat as organization’s representative on several Australian Standards Association committees relating to construction materials. ie Concrete, Aggregates, Precast Concrete Septic tank construction.

1981 – 1985 Project Engineer, Foundation Systems

Managed the design and site supervision for a commercial foundation construction company, Work included, timber piling, sheet piling, pier drilling and building construction. Provided consultant engineering function in matters relating to concrete technology.

1985- 1991 Consulting engineer. S Hutcheson and Associates. P/L

Worked as consultant engineer in materials technology with a particular emphasis in concrete technology. Actively involved in private construction of commercial and industrial buildings. Completed 50 self funded industrial and commercial property construction projects with a gross expenditure in excess of $8,000,000

1991 – 1993 Consulting Engineer, Telsen P/L

Project Manager for numerous industrial and residential construction projects.

June 1993 – Nov 1993 Consulting Engineer, Nauru Phosphate Corporation, Republic of Nauru

Project managed the construction of sub-aqua foundations and component pump station for the islands new fresh water desalination plant along with rehabilitation and extension works of the existing wharf.

Nov 1993 – Oct 1999  Commercial Photographer

Various activities including portraiture, advertising and fashion photography. Produced cable based, 1998 award winning television programs for Optus TV..

Mar 2005 – Jul 2007 Self employed investor and engineering and enterprise consultant in several small construction    enterprises in Thailand.

Sep 2009 – 2010 CEO Recovery Development Group Sdn Bhd in Malaysia engaged in consultancy on      international development, conservation of cultural and heritage related property and social development programming with particular emphasis in impact investing associated with private sector rural enterprise development.

Personal Information

Name :                                   Stephen Robert Hutcheson

Nationality:                         Australian

Contact Details

Mailing Address:                PO Box 230, Rushworth, 3612

And Present Residing:       5413 Bendigo Murchison Rd, Rushworth, 3612

Skype user name                stevehutcheson    (Australia)

Email Address:         

Next of Kin:                         Akiyo Mukai (wife)

                                                Robert George Hutcheson (Father)                                                           1495 Nepean Hwy, Rosebud 3939 

Personal Attributes

Health:                                      Excellent

Health History:                   No major illnesses or diseases.

General fitness:                  Excellent

Fitness for Arduous duty:Excellent

Computing Skills:              Drive,Word, Excel, Access, FrontPage, Photoshop, AutoCAD (basic), web design, Google Sheets

Interests:                               Photography, Sailing, Creative writing, Travelling, cycling