The Festive Season

In anticipation of the forthcoming Festive Season, I started to arrange some of the decorations for the purpose as you can see here. I attempted a more vertical, pyramidal configuration that I was going to adorn with a star however gravity seemed to win out each time. Rather than spoil the possibilities from rough handling, I have opted for a more laid back, horizontal pyramid, something like it might be after the cat tries to climb it.

But necessarily, hopefully, I am liable to offend someone. The wine will offend the Muslims and the Presbyterians, the irreverence in the decorations will offend the bovvers and the festive season Christian and all those of no sectarian allegiance will be offended that they have not been invited to enjoy the fruits of our labour.

But this silly season, the season where families get together and decide that they still don’t completely like each other, where the national budget is expended in a few weeks of dismal shopping looking for a new pair of socks to give to young Johnny,

I was reading this morning that the average Australian spends around $600 in trying to impress those that might receive. What is wrong with a cardboard box and a pack of textas to draw a set of wheels on the side of it  No, it has to be the latest minature version of a Tesla. Johnny no longer is accepting the socks.

Well, this year, as it has been for the past several years, I intend to remain as curmudgeon as usual. Humbug.